How to convert date into required date format in Integration

I have data=04/20/2023 in str field & need to convert into 20230420 (str type out field). Could you please suggest What are the steps required for this requirement in cloud flow service?

Select custom from output format and then edit the custom output format.

Hi ,
Thanks for response. I think, yr snap if from workflow not cloud flow service.

In attached snap, could you please suggest which action/transformation I need to use to achieve my date conversion.

formatDate will do the same.

Thanks for response.
I have input field as str type. So how I can convert into date type? Please suggest.
Then in next step I can use formatDate.

If your input is string, not date object you can use dateTimeFormat instead of formatDate.

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Many Thanks, it works. This is the solution I needed. Thanks again.

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