which Adapter is suitable to connect to the BW source system

Hi All,

IAm In Analysis stage and we are in requirement gathering stage,our source system is BW system,we need to pull data and push the data from BW System,can any one tell me which Adapter is suitable to connect to BW and which version of Adapter,we are using webMethods 7.1.1 version and also let me know the steps need to follow to connect to BW System for any Adapters,Referer me Document need to folllow for configuration to connect to BW System.

Anil Kumar Ellendula

Can you define “BW” and provide information about what types of integration that it supports?


BW Means-BIW(Business Information Warehouse),it contains NQB(Next Qauterly Business) data,NWB(Next Week Businee) Data.

If “BW” or “BIW” is just a database, then you would use the JDBC Adapter (the DB stands for “database”) to interact with it. The JDBC Adapter User’s Guide can shed light on ways to use the adapter.


BIW IS NOT a Just database,it is SAP-BIW System it is contains historical data,this is use ful for forecasting or analysis of business and used for reporting.,i think JDBC Adapters are not use to connect to the BIW SYSTEM.

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