where to see the logs for TN

I want to edit logging settings on IS Admin page for Trading Networks from Info to Trace. Ran query i dont see any logs on server.log. where are the logs stored for trading networks …is it in a file or database…if it is in file, where is the file located…if it is DB, what are the tables i need to check for logs in sql ???

It’s under the server logger
in admin UI
Settings>Logging>Server Logger
you will see a TN section

IF you are using Pre IS 8.x.x then

ISAdmin console:
Settings > Logging look for Trading Networks section to edit logger level.

Mostly in IS 8.x.x you will set server logger to File (check your IS admin Settings–>Logger List page under Destination column on right side)


WebMethods 8.2.2, server logger set to write the logs to a file (server.log)

Edit logging settings>Trading Networks>Query. If I change the log level for QUERY from INFO to TRACE, whatever we query on Trading Network console, it is recorded to server.log file, but the TN built in service queries are not written to the server.log file.

For ex:
tn.doc:changeStatus, built in service, where the it reads the bizdoc table based on bizdocID or bizdoc, retrieves the transaction and updates the column userStatus with “new user status” that is passed on input parameter.

Can we able to see the sql step that performs the above ‘changeUserStatus’ action, recorded on any file.

I need this sql query to verify if the processing performance of the “changeUserStatus” affects if we place an index to the column user status.

Where can i find this query on logs ???

No…not that stuff will be recorded in the server logs and you should see those status changes in the TN transaction activity logs it self.

Using that services heavility,it shouldn’t affect any performance issues for TN/IS