Where to place Package-Specific Configuration/Property Files

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I wonder where the place for such files. The files will contain some information, bits and pieces whose scope is the package that contains it.
At first glance, I saw the path IntegrationServer/instances/IS_instance/packages/package_name/config. But I’d like to find out if there is a better place for a custom configuration and/or property file.

I think the path you mention is good enough.
you can have a unique name to serve the customer-specific purpose.

The path you mentioned looks OK to me.

The path u have mentioned is perfect where you will also have control over individual package related entries.
We use the location across all our packages to hold properties file and error response handling XML’s.

You can write and use Java services as utilities to load and get values from these files

If you have multiple Integration Servers in cluster and if you want all the Integration Servers to have access to the same custom configuration file, then the better option is to configure this on some network shared drive.

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If your files have a very different lifespan and/or deployment cycle than your code, you might consider other approaches:

  • replicate the packages hierarchy in a sibling directory (I use packages.var) just for the config directory
  • use a dedicated directory inside IntegrationServer/config with a file or directory named after your package

This way you might find it easier to handle code and config.

If you are keeping properties in those files, you might consider leaving a default config file inside the config directory of your package as a fallback (so you still have some functionality even if the files are not deployed).

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