Where to find Enterprise Server amp Enterprise Integrator

Where do I find Enterprise Server, Enterprise Integrator and associated patches for download?

The Advantage site appears to concentrate on Integration Server platform.

Enterprise Server is now called Broker.
Enterprise Integrator has been phased out.

Dunno if you’d be able to get back versions of stuff from wM or not.

Last time I looked, in the current version of wm installer, you could select 4.6 to install. That will give you EI et all. BTW, 4.6 enterprise server is going to end of maintenance in 3/31/06.

Awesome. Thanks for the updated info Roger.

I wish I wasn’t as familiar with EI, as I have converted all of my EI apps to 6.1 over a year ago, but the bureaucracy here won’t let me promote them to production because the BA’s “don’t have time to test them”. I am using the 3/31/06 date to force the issue saying the it won’t be supported after that, even though it technically will be supported, but at a different level.

I am very familiar with the B2B platform (Integration Server and Broker). If Broker is the same as Enterprise Server, then I presume I could use Enterprise Integrator to develop integration components (on broker) that can communicate with services on IS (all running on one machine).

Is that correct?

I would strongly recommend against any new development with Enterprise Integrator. This involves using adapters and tools that are soon to be unsupported. EI works with 4.x adapters and ADK. 4.6 EI code does not communicated directly with the IS.