Where is my integration

Hi all, after an import process on a broker we encountered a problem. Strangely the visual integrator didn’t not have the flow of the intergration of one component we imported in the ADL file. After trying and trying again in every use case we alt our research and decided to ask somebody other in the world.
Is a bug?

A lot if thanks


This is a bug. Sometimes the parent-child relationship of the Integration Folders/Components can be screwed up for unkown reason.

Only known way, to fix this is to use Document Type Editor (DTE), which wM does not recommend to use.

If you are familiar with DTE, you can edit the relationship. But, be careful you can really screw up if you don’t know what you are doing.

Take backup of everything from EI, DTE before modifying anything in the DTE.

Hold on!!.

you meant Enterprise Server (not B2B Server), Right!!

If not , please ignore my comments.

You should probably repost this in the Enteprise Server thread.

Also, add more information. How was the adl file created? What tool did you use to export the adl file? What did you export? I am assuming that it is an Integration Component that is missing or is it a Scripted Operation? Both have flows.

Andreas Amundin

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You may want to try creating a new empty component in the integration folder with the same name as the missing component. Then, using the Document Type Editor tool, export only the missing component and re-import it into the new Broker. Check the component to see if it looks correct. This has worked for me when I had a similar problem.
Note: I’m assuming all the documents, operations, and adapters were successfully imported and only the component is missing. You should also verify the adapter is running before importing the component.