Where does it Go in IS MEMORY ???

Hello Friends,

Just a query, we see two flow services in WmPublic Folder:

1) pub.flow:savePipeline
2) pub.flow:savePipelineToFile

IS Documentation says a snapshot of all pipeline fields will be saved in memory under the key provided by $name.

My Question here is where in memory does this pipeline gets saved?

I tried to save one file “memory.xml” using this savePipeline Service.
But when I tried to search the entire IS folder, I was not able to see this file created anywhere. Not in Pipeline folder too.

:smiley: But I could retrieve the contents using pub.flow:restorePipeline service. Can anyone help me in understanding where in memory does this pipeline file gets saved?


If you need to view the pipeline you should just use savePipelineToFile.

However this question has be answered by different people with more detail on wmusers:

mate when you use the service pub.flow:savePipeline, the paramater you set in the $name field of your service goes and rests in the system’s volatile memory (RAM) as a pointer. This $name paramater acts as a pointer to certain fields that you saved when you called the savePipeline servcie. When you restart the server these values will be erased as i told you the data sits in the volatile memory of the system which is not editable.