Where do you place ZD=OFF in a structured Natural program?

To allow for a division by zero condition?[/b]

you can use the GLOBALS statement before the program begins executing.

Natural parameters can be set in several places. Higher-level settings are overridden by lower-level settings:

  • Natural’s defaults
    session invocation
    GLOBALS command
    FORMAT or SET GLOBALS statements
    statement-level parameters
    field-level parameters

For example


Pete’s question relates to the ZD parameter, which does not have a FORMAT, statement-level nor field-level setting. Since Pete is trying to use Structured Mode, his only option within the session is to use GLOBALS.

He can’t put it in a program in Structured Mode.

I’m getting my eyes checked. Thanks, Douglas.

By the way, SET GLOBALS is valid in Structured Mode as of Natural 4.2.