where clause with variables ??

hi all,
i’ll show you my problem!

it’s possible to replace something like this:

for $a in doc( '/db/tesi/UtentiIstanza.xml' )/utenti/utente
where $a/credenziali/unacredenziale[nomecredenziale='CI']/residenza='Milano'
return $a/id

with something like this:

let $expcred := "credenziali/unacredenziale[nomecredenziale='CI']/residenza='Milano'"
for $a in doc( '/db/tesi/UtentiIstanza.xml' )/utenti/utente
where $a/$expcred
return $a/id

the first example works,the second no,how can i do?
i’ve tryied many other solutions but it never works :cry:
I need to use this in a function and $expcred is one of my parameters

thanks a lot for your help

this is my XML

0 admin admin 1 teyo qwerty CI O'Brien Matthew Milano studente BIB O'Brien Matthew MI12345


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It looks like you’re looking for some kind of macro functionality, or an “eval” function, or some such. No, XQuery doesn’t provide that.