Where can I see the "GDA time stamp"?

Hello all!

I guess everybody knows NAT0933 (GDA time-stamp conflict.). The error description says, that every catalogued module reffering an GDA has a “GDA time stamp” inside.

My question: Is it possible to show the GDA timestamp?
And: Is it really a pure timestamp, or is it combined with a checksum or something like that?



USR0330 retrieves directory information, but on Open Systems, I don’t see the GDA-STCK field that is available on the mainframe. GDA-STCK is the B8-format timestamp provided by the operating system.

Thanks for answering. You’re right, there’s no GDA-STCK on Open Systems. I got a B8-field called TIMESTMP. But it’s always H’00’. :frowning: