Where can I download the Community Editions

I used to be able to find and download the Community Edition for Adabas/.Natureal on Win 10, but I can no longer find where the download links are located.

Are these still available, and if so where do I find the download links

Mike Brice

It should be part of the Natural ONE Community edition :

NaturalONE: Integrated Development Environment (IDE) - Software AG

Note: Just expect an email from a Software AG salesman , when downloading it


OK, thanks for the tip. When I follow the link you have provided I am sent to a place all about Natural One, which I really don’t want. However I persevere and click the link to ‘try it for free’, and I am sent to the Tech Forum, no download that I can see. I suspect there is an issue with teh SAG website in this area.

Mike Brice

Hello Michael,

Please use this link : Adabas & Natural CE for Docker Download - News - Software AG Tech Community & Forums


Hi Eli,

I apologise if I haven’t understood, but I do not want NaturalONE, I tried it once and found it obese and hugely over complicated. What I am looking for is the simple Community Editions of Adabas and Natural for Windows, plain vanilla, as it used to be. Is this option no longer available ?

Natural and Adabas for windows CE is not available anymore.
You may use the Docker version and Natural ONE.

It would be great if you can share what are you trying to test so I might help you on this.


I was provided with license files for the Windows products a littlle over a year ago for my personal usage. I have applications developed for my own use, accounting for a property business I own with my wife, amongst other things. If I am unable to get new license files, then I guess I’m done as I do not want or need the complications and complexities of the obese environment required for Natural ONE. It is way over engineered and totally unnecessary for my requirements. Pity SAG have taken this step, it seems to me the Eclipse style of IDE zealots have prevailed and others have lost.

As Natural developer in the past I can say that I wish I had Natural ONE for me as easy and faster way to develop, but this is a different topic and Story.

Natural ONE Community Edition is a run time components and there is no need to install it.
Adabas and Natural you will need to install on Docker and you are done, the step-by-step guide is very friendly and easy to implement.

Any way I would like to help you with your impressive story of developing for your own usage A&N application.

Please contact me via e-mail eli.cohen@softwareag.com

Eli Cohen
Product Manager Natural.

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