Where are the API Gateway Analytics log stored on the IS server?


In the API Gateway, analytic information is stored showing transaction events (this includes api name, payload, response etc.)
Is this stored on the server anywhere please, and is so, whereabouts?


Hi Richard,
The analytics data is not stored on the filesystem directly. It is persisted in out InternalDataStore(Elasticsearch) and you cannot directly view it via file system.

If you have the access to the InternalDataStore, you can use the Elasticsearch REST endpoints to explore the data. Also, you can use one of our REST service (available as swagger in <Install_Dir>\IntegrationServer\instances\default\packages\WmAPIGateway\resources\apigatewayservices\APIGatewayTransactionalEvent.json) to extract TransactionalEvents from the InternalDataStore without directly accessing it.

Hope this helps!!