When we use webservices.

Hi I am new to webmethods.Can any body explain in which situation we use webservices.can any body explain with a scenario…Hope for the postive response…


Whenever you want to expose the application functionality to external customers, you can create web service of it and clients can access it through WSDL. Web Services play key part in Service Oriented Architecture. You can get a lot of materials on web and publications by Oreili,W3 Schools, IBM, Oracle… etc


When calling another system from Integration Server and they expose a SOAP interface, you will implement a SOAP client.

When you want to expose some sort of functionality in Integration Server for others to call, a SOAP interface is one of many choices you have. The decision to use SOAP is driven by a variety of factors.

I personally avoid SOAP when possible–it is largely more painful to deal with than other interface mechanisms.

I will respectfully disagree with Niteesh that web services are a key part in service oriented architecture. Indeed, too many equate the simple use of web services with “doing SOA.” Web services are simply one type of technical interface mechanism. And at the architecture level, the technical implementation of an interface isn’t all that important. (Just my opinion.)