when we can use BASIC Notification.

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 Can anybody tel when we can use basic notification.and wat is the advantage of using basic notification.thanks in advance.

IMO, one should always use BASIC notification and avoid the other types. The reason is because you generally don’t want to drop the DB trigger accidentally. Using the other notification types it is far too easy to inadvertently set the notification to a state that will drop the trigger–causing the integration to miss data changes. Depending on volumes and timing this can be a huge mess.

The downside is that generally your DB folks won’t give you access to create/manage the triggers yourself so you have to go through them and define the staging table and trigger yourself. But that’s a minor item, usually a one-time shot.

Hi reamon,Thanks for reply,My doubt is can we use basic notification in all the operations like insert, delete,update,And Also i heard that Basic notification is used to select the data from database, Is that true…?If not den where exactly we can use this perticular notification.

A basic notification can handle all the same operations. The main difference:

  • For insert, delete, update notifications, IS creates the trigger and buffer table. It will also drop those components based upon the state of the notification–if it is disabled, the trigger and buffer table are automatically dropped.

  • For basic notifications, YOU create the trigger and buffer table. You can have the trigger do just about anything you want, so you can detect each type of DB operation. Because IS doesn’t manage the trigger or buffer table, those will never be dropped due to disabling the notification. This is why I usually recommend using basic notification.

In case you’re not aware, all of these follow the same basic flow:

  • DB triggers are placed on the table of interest. Before insert, before update, etc. triggers write key data from the table of interest to a staging table.

  • The notification polls the staging table to see if there are any records there. If so, the data is read and a notification published.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Reamon,Thanks a lot, Now my confusion about Basic notification is cleared.