when i add any field from business data - the Accept button stops working

i have a Tab
and 3 hideable panels in a form with submit group in the same form - but when i am adding any field from Business Data the Accept Button does’nt work .

what is this …


Jasmeen Kaur

whe i drag and drop a field ,

the value contains this - #{Podetailsviewdefaultviewview.podetails.taskData.proposals.project_info.initiatePO.poservices.poservice.gr_price}
i removed this and manually mappped the value for the field - Now the Accept button works
But submit button is not working - it is not saving the data entered for the field from UI .


Jasmeen Kaur

The field i was dragging and dropping was a document list - so i have changed it to document …and it is working .

But when i click submit nothing gets saved , when i click complete - data is saved and task gets completed - still to figure this out .

Any suggestions …

Jasmeen Kaur

The code associated with those two events and the Actions attached to them are doing the same thing?