What Review Fields or tricks are available to capture info from user (Adalink)

The following fields are critical and useful in CA-APAS, what are the Review equivalents???:
PROGRAM non-Natural, eg. COBOL (from CICS Transaction or Batch)
NAT-LOGON Natural Library
CID-NON-VISTA What is the CID before Vista re-assigns it (used for Adabas Native SQL as well as Natural statement number)

JOB-NUMBER Batch job
NAT-CMD Indicator that record/info is from Natural vs non-Natural


there’s an extensive field reference in the Adabas Review documentation, you’ll find most of what you are looking for there,
but for some there’ll be no equivalent, afaik (for example the Nat / non Nat-indicator from the ACB, the “CID before Vista” etc).

But if NATAPPL and NATPGM is filled the call is coming from Natural. Perhaps it can be used.