Hello everyone!

I'd need to get a NATURAL program sample which mades CALL 'CMADA' using ACBX interface.

I've build one in COBOL, but I'M not able to do it in NATURAL.

Thanks in advance.

CMADA should not be called directly.

USR1043N in SYSEXT is what should be used to issue Adabas calls from Natural.

When you look at the description (USR1043T) you will see that ONLY the CL command
is supported via this interface, and subsequently CMADA. And this is for a reason, I assume.


I'm sorry, but not agree with you, Wolfang.

I think there're some ADABAS commands/options which can't be used with "standard" Natural.

Finally, I developt a Natural program using CALL 'CMADA' with ACBX-interface. If someone needs this example I'll send it without incenvenience.

Thank you everybody for his attention and help.


I can only repeat:

CMADA should not be called directly.

It is not and official interface
There is no guarantee it will still work in the next version

You are working around Natural’s transaction / session logic, so looking for trouble.

What Adabas commands / options are you missing from Natural ?

Hello, Wolfang,

First, I'd like to say I'm a SAG product consultant. I've been working in this company since 1.999. Besides, I'm a SAG's products fan and I love discover new funcionalities of them.

I'm agree with you that CMADA is not an official interface, but even its use is indicated in Natural Documentation (exit NATRPC39). Yes, its use could be discontinued in future versions, but I'm afraid it's very difficult.

Obviously, commands that can be generated via Natural instructions are official are stronger than programming them with ACB/ACBX. I think it's stupid build a L3-command (for example) instead using READ instruction.

But there're ADABAS commands which can't be represented with Natural: LF, C1 and C5, for example (CL can be used via SYSEXT, you're right).

Using this commands could be useful for DBA's tasks: comparing FDT's, comparing FDT-PREDICT definitions, writing syncpoints for some purposes....

Please, if you know another way to build this commands in Natural using an official interface, please explain me, because I'm very interested in this subject.

Thank you very much for this interesting discussion and your depth knowledge of Natural.