what is the Maximum file size that can be posted using https?

I would like to know what is the Maximum file size that can be posted using https in WM 6.0.1?

There is not TN just the IS.

Thanks and advance.


Oops…none got any inputs on this :frowning:

Whats the max file size any one cud transfer using http/s ? pls let me know.

I guess up to IGB file IS can handle it via http.

via FTP more than 40MB file socket connection gets closed.

PS:my numbers are approx.



On what do you base your answers?


Thanks, I am looking for a http/s solution as FTP cannot be used in my organization. As well there is no TN implementation it is simple IS and http/s call thru the flow service only.

As of now it contains 20K records which are tab de-limited and the file size is
6 MB.

Any one with more inputs are welcome…as well do I need to do some other changes so it can support file size upto 10MB as our organization is growing at a fast pace.

Feel free to ask me any other details as required.

Thanks once again.

This is a tricky question, as it depends on alot of variables e.g., hardware/software configurations, system load etc.
But in our labs we once tested about 150MB using plain HTTP/S post, with no TN. You can gain more capacity by writing a content handler, streaming the data to disk and processing in chunks.
Btw, if you are using Reverse Invoke servers in front of the IS then they may become your limitation as they perform in memory processing.

The is an O’Reilly jar API (its called COS) which supports files upto 1GB. You can run a servlet(in wmTomcat or other J2EE server) which uses this API to upload the file onto IS server directory, then your flow service can iterate/process the file.