What is the difference b/w Nirvana UM & Broker

Hi what is main difference b/w UM & Borkes and what are advantages and disadvantages and
what kind of senerios we prefer UM instead of broker

krishna w

Hi Krishna,

this depends on the version of wM you plan to use as well as if you are using native publish/subscribe scenario or not.

Latest Version of Broker available is 9.6, but this can be used for newer wM versions as well.

UM supports publish/subscribe on wM 9.8 and newer.

If you plan a new project you should consider using wM 9.8 with UM from the beginning.

When migrating from earlier versions it is recommended to check the migration guides.

Broker will become deprecated in the next years and will be removed later on.


Hi Krishna,

In addition to what Holger von Thomsen has shared, the main difference of Broker and UM is that UM supports multiple messaging connections from each IS in your environment setup, while Broker does not.

For more information, you can refer to page 8 of http://techcommunity.softwareag.com/ecosystem/documentation/webmethods/wmsuites/Migrating_from_Broker_to_Universal_Messaging.pdf.

HI Diana,

Thanks for your update I can’t able to access tht link will update the new link for me

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Hi Krishna,

If you have an Empower account, you should be able to access the documentation.

Alternatively, you can try this:

Follow the instructions on the screen if you want to get access to the documentation.


you can check here if you are able to access these docuementation section:

Or if you have installed the Documentation Compontent along with your Servers and Clients, there will be a _documentation Folder in your install directory


Thanks all for your updates.