What is the content type for nonXML objects storing 'binary'

I’m trying to save nonXML data to Tamino. I want to try and save straight binary (for example a gif or jpg file).

The help documentation and samples use the “nonXMLGreeting” sample using ‘text/plain’ content type to save text.

I guess I have 2 questions:

1) What are the various content types that can be defined when creating the nonXMLObject (and where are these defined - I can’t find any info in the API docs).

2) what is the content type to use when saving binary data? I’ve tried “binary” and “Binary”. Neither work.


The contenttype is a standard mime type, which are defined by IANA (www.iana.org). Find a complete list here.
A nice and more practical listing combining file extensions and mime type can be found here.

From SAG:

‘doc’ //ContentType=‘application/msword’
‘rtf’ //ContentType=‘application/msword’
‘pdf’ //ContentType='application/pdf '
‘xml’ //ContentType='application/xml '
‘gif’ //ContentType='image/gif '
‘jpg’ //ContentType='image/jpg '
‘jpeg’ //ContentType='image/jpeg '
‘htm’ //ContentType='text/htm '
‘html’ //ContentType='text/html '
‘txt’ //ContentType='text/plain '
‘xml’ //ContentType='text/xml '

From MSDN:

//ContentType='text/richtext '
//ContentType='text/html '
//ContentType='audio/x-aiff '
//ContentType='audio/basic '
//ContentType='audio/wav '
//ContentType='image/gif '
//ContentType='image/jpeg '
//ContentType='image/pjpeg '
//ContentType='image/tiff '
//ContentType='image/x-png '
//ContentType='image/x-xbitmap '
//ContentType='image/bmp '
//ContentType='image/x-jg '
//ContentType='image/x-emf '
//ContentType='image/x-wmf '
//ContentType='video/avi '
//ContentType='video/mpeg '
//ContentType='application/postscript '
//ContentType='application/base64 '
//ContentType='application/macbinhex40 '
//ContentType='application/pdf '
//ContentType='application/x-compressed '
//ContentType='application/x-zip-compressed '
//ContentType='application/java '
//ContentType='application/x-msdownload '