What is Broker Monitor

Is Broker Monitor same as Broker Admin i.e. http://xx.xx.xx.xx:5555/WmBrokerAdmin/” OR is this some Tool (Like Developer).

I see Broker Monitor is running in the windows services. But I searched the entire system for an exe file. I also could not find much info in the Docs.

If this is a tool please let me know how to start this.


The awbrokermon process is the master broker process that starts and stops the broker servers. It also maintains the master configuration file awbrokermon.cfg. awbrokermon.exe is the executable which is located in the …/Broker/bin directory.

I see that. But how can I use this demon process to view other Brokers?

The reason for this question is - I could not see the WmBrokerAdmin package in the Management section (under admin) - But the applicaiton still works (It uses Broker). When I asked the administrator how they view the Broker clients, he said he uses Broker Monitor. So far, I only used Broker Admin to view the clients…Broker Monitor is new to me. Is this a tool or when he said Broker Monitor did he mean Broker Admin?

You can’t. awbrokermon is a process that controls the broker servers not an admin too. WmBrokerAdmin is the correct tool for managing the brokers. Some folks still use an older tool from the 5x. and 4.x days and activeworks called Broker Monitor. But WmBrokerAdmin is the correct tool for all of the 6.x releases. Sometime in September, webMethods will be releasing an update to the my webMethods Server which includes the ability to manage the broker servers from the MwS. It will have things like document tracker, broker monitor and a lot more built into it. It will also include the ability to see the contents of the messages in the queue plus delete them or move them to other queues. Pretty slick if you can get over the fact that it is in the MwS.