What is being used to track features/bugs in AgileApps applications

We are ramping up our production use of AgileApps, and need to select a tool to use for tracking bugs & features for the applications we are building in AgileApps.

I am not aware of any tools that have an integration with AgileApps, so I thought I would ask the members of this community what they use and any pros/cons associated with the product.


Hi Howard,

There are multiple ways to do this.

  1. For raising bugs against the product please create an account on empower.softwareag.com and someone from Software AG Global Support team will get in touch once you start creating defects.
  2. For feature requests, empower links you to brainstorm where you can raise the feature requests against AgileApps.

Send me a mail such that we can connect offline on this topic if this is not clear.


Hi Gaurav,

Thank you for that information.

What I was specifically looking for is a tool for tracking features/bugs related to our applications built within AgileApps, not with the AgileApps platform itself.

Some tools that might fit this need are Jira, FogBugz, OnTime, etc.