what else to add to call a non-natural routine


I’m missing something

I got an object module from the US Postal server (USPS) to do the encoding for the new bar code.


The routine is callable in C, Cobol, PL/I and Assembler. I have run the test/example code in Assembler. it links in and work.

The code looks to be written in SAS C, but it is a standard callable routine, nothing fancy and should not need any thing special for/from Natural. Does not look to be using LE, but we have that enabled.

So I want to add this to our shared nuc and be able to call this from Natural.

I have added the name in the Cstatic in the natural parameter, added in the shared nuc link edit (added an include before natlast) [this is all in nati060s] and building all this looks good. ipl the system to load it all up.

But then we go to run the program we can nat0920 … can not load.

what/where else do to I have to do to get this to work …

Thanks for any lead you can give me…


in what environment, batch, CICS, etc?
also: NAT0920 message also shows a error reson code. what is the error reson code?
please check the Natural EPL (External Program Load table) via DUMP EPLN if your program is there.

:smiley: GOT IT!

Your question caused me to do some more thinking, plus I have not been on-site to work on this, till now.

Just need this to work in batch and found some documentation about not putting it in the shared part of the nuc.

that did it … we can now encode the New USPS 4 state barcode from Natura l8)