What are your thoughts on webMethods acquisition by IBM

What are your thoughts on SAG acquisition by IBM and what will happen to the future of webMethods developers

Looks like there are 2 possibilities, either IBM starves webMethods to death and take over the ESB leadership hence it will disappear eventually, or they will merge the products. IBM keeping both of the products in long run is not expected though. Though its all speculation until IBM makes an official statement.

Hopefully it will be better for us in the future.

But if that happens then it’s dooms day for all who are on wM and better to learn other technologies to if that happens.

And yes we need to wait for official statement from. iBM as maintaining 2 products that offer same doesn’t make sense

What I think is may be they use Super IPAAS functionality and force the customers to migrate to cloud rather than being on , on Prem . Anyway these are all assumptions

See my thoughts here


Thanks a lot for the insights that’s really helpful.