weird xmlNodeToDocument error - ALL CAPS

When we look at the XML sent into our TradingNetworks, it’s well-formed and everything looks correct. When it’s sent to an IS Flow Service in a bizdoc, we use bytesToString->xmlStringToXMLNode->xmlNodeToDocument to convert the bizdoc’s Bytes into our IS document for processing.

But, we now have a problem where the xmlNodeToDocument spits out a garbled IS document with no values, EVERY sub-element’s name capitalized, and some bits that are supposed to be entire documents are just empty strings.

I cannot seem to locate why this is happening. Has anyone seen this kind of behavior before and know what can cause it?


Before this step xmlStringToXMLNode are you able to see proper xml string in format as expected? What are the inputs to XMLNodeToDocument (just Node,documentTypeName etc…)