Weird trigger behaviour


i’m trying to understand the way a trigger works ; it does not seems logical :

  • i’ve got a service that is publishing 5 documents in a row
  • my trigger is set up to take in charge this document type ;
    the other settings are : capacity 10, refill 4, process docs concurrently, max execution threads 10
  • what happens is : the 5 documents are taken in charge by the trigger ; then if i run again the service publishing the docs,

the 5 next docs published are NOT taken in charge, and i can see them in the trigger queue

that’s very surprising since the trigger should be able to take 10 docs
but it does not ; first 5, then the others 5 when the first threads are liberated

same behaviour if i publish five in a row and then one new document ; the new goes into the trigger only after one of the first thread is liberated

has anybody ever encountered this weird behaviour ?