Websphere MqAdapter fails to startup

I started up the Developer 6.0 and created a new package under MqSeriers, and deleted the new package, and now I’m receiving the following error.

[ISS.0026.9102] Service ‘wm.MQSeries.MQSeriesQMgrUI:getQMgrNames’ is

not operational. To run this service, first recompile the Java source.

How do I recompile the MqSeries Adapter in java?


Hi, Matt.

The simplest way to recompile an entire package is to reload it using the Administrator.

Take these steps:

  1. To login to Administrator, use http://serverhost:serverport []Select “Packages > Management” from the left-side window pane []Click the for the package and its contents will recompile

If there is a problem with the reload, the required classes may not be in the server classpath. Let us know if the Administrator shows the package’s status to be “Partial”.

Good luck.

Thanks for the reply Dan.

I tried your suggestion, but the Mqseries service still wont start. When I login as the Administrator to check the status of the package, it still shows a status of “Partial”. Still need help on fixing this!