WebSphere MQ server invoking IS

How does on handle a request from a WebSphere MQ server in order to invoke a flow service? In the wM WebSphere MQ Adapter User’s Guide, examples were always those of IS invoking the WebSphere MQ server, not the other round. Any ideas?


did you try to configure a Notification for your MQ Connection?

This notification will provide you a document with the MQ message, which can be received via a trigger in developer, which in turn will then call a service to process it.


The whole idea behind a message queue is that the queue is passive, it does not “invoke” or call any code. It waits for clients to pull the documents off the queue, either immediately, if they are actively listening for new documents to arrive on the queue, or by checking the queue at some regular intervals or when that client determines it’s “ready” to pull another document off the queue.

What you can do with the MQ Adapter is to set up a listener and a listener notification that will get documents off the queue as they arrive and have that notification either publish a document to the Broker or invoke a service. The latter case is a “synchronous” listener which calls a service and passes it a request document that is created from the document it pulls of the queue. You can read about synchronous notifications in the MQ adapter on page 34, in chapter 5 of the webMethods webSphere MQ Adapter Users Guide.

Another option is to have a scheduled flow service that runs at regular intervals to get messages of the queue and then invoke the desired flow service.