websphere MQ Adapter

Hi Guys,

Can anybody know what should be input value of the service wm.art.dev.connection:fetchConnectionMetadata for input field “connectionFactoryType”. I have given another input field “adapterTypeName” value as wmMQAdapter

Please check this documentation of the particular input class you are looking for Page 251:

It takes the

Required. The fully qualified path of the
WmManagedConnectionFactory implementation class


Thanks for your response RMG.

Yes, even i have referred the same documentation. My query is what should be the WmManagedConnectionFactory
implementation class name for webshphere MQ Adapter.


Do you have any JNDI configuration done with Websphere apps?


I am trying to update the websphere MQ connection properties like Qmanager, Qname etc with the built-in service

wm.art.dev.connection:updateConnectionNode. But to provide input for this service i am using wm.art.dev.connection:fetchConnectionMetadata as suggested in documentation. Do I have to create any JNDI alias?

No need for that sake…

Can i Know the fully qualified connectionFactoryType class name for wM MQ Adapter.

I am not really sure the fully qualified naming convention but let’s wait to hear from other gurus here in the forum:

Can anybody reply on this please ? or IS anybody know the exact internal names of websphere MQ connection parameters. If we have internal names we can hardcode and use the service wm.art.dev.connection:updateConnectionNode

I never used websphereAdapter, but I found this class under folder \packages\WmMQAdapter\code\classes\com\wm\adapter\wmmqadapter\connection.

package com.wm.adapter.wmmqadapter.connection;

public class wmMQConnectionFactory extends WmManagedConnectionFactory

… …


May be you can try it.

And there is another class wmMQTransactionalConnectionFactory in the same folder.

package com.wm.adapter.wmmqadapter.connection;

public class wmMQTransactionalConnectionFactory extends wmMQConnectionFactory{

… …


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Thank you very much Wang for your reply. Finally it got worked out with the class “com.wm.adapter.wmmqadapter.connection.wmMQConnectionFactory” :slight_smile:

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Glad to hear it worked out:

How to get connection attributes of an adapter connection? How to Update Adapter Connection Properties?

Use Built-in service Name: wm.art.dev.connection:fetchConnectionMetadata
Input Field:
adapterTypeName: You can get this name by running pub.art:listRegisteredAdapters built-in service
Sample Values:

Input Field:
connectionFactoryType: You need to build this value by navigating the folders under an adapter package.
Sample Values:

Now you can use these connection attributes as input fields for wm.art.dev.connection:updateConnectionNode under connectionSettings document. Then you can use this service to update connection properties of a JDBC, SAP connection etc