WebSphere MQ 6.0 Adapter and OS/390

Is the WebSphere MQ 6.0 Adapter compatible with a queue manager running on OS/390 (MVS)? We are getting the following error

Exception caught Listening for messsage : Unable to get message from queue TEST.QUEUE; condition code is “2”, reason code is “2026”. Message catalog not found

Is this a compatibility problem or something else? Any help is appreciated.

It looks like you are running into a Message Descriptor (MQMD) compatibility issue. One of the posibble causes (from Websphere documentation) of a 2026 (MQRC_MD_ERROR) return code is “The Version field specifies a value that is not valid or not supported.” My guess is that your OS390 system has a different MQMD version than that expected by the WebSphere adapter - I know our OS390 (MQ v2.1) uses MQMD v1, whereas most of our other systems (MQ v5.3) are using v2. I believe that the WebSphere adapter uses MQMD v2 (the msgHeader document input to the listen service) judging from the parameters that appear in the document. For native MQ calls, you can set the MQMD version prior to making the call, but there does not appear to be any way to explicitly set the MQMD version in the WebSphere adapter listener.

Dave Dyer