WebServices on Portlets

We are new to the webMethods platform (8.0) but I am trying to learn how to use all of the different tools and gadgets, so far WAY cool!:slight_smile:

I am trying to create a couple of faily simple portlets that I want to eventually wire together. I have created the first portlet that displays a summary (by day) of transactions. I first created a flow service that is expecting 2 input parms with output of a document reference. This flow service executes a JDBC adapter service that queries a oracle db and returns a summary of the data expected. Flow service and apdapter service work and return the data I was expecting. I then load Designer, create a new portlet app and view (default). Using the Package Navigator view I browse to the IS server containing flow service right click and choose Generate Provider WSD. Which creates the WSD on the IS server. I then create the portlet view and with the view opened into Designer I right click on the WSD file and choose CAF/Generate Web Service Connector. You can then drag and drop the connector from the bindings view onto the form and presto you have a portlet that executes the webservice. After several attempts, deletions, and restarts I have gotten my first portlet/webservice/flow service to work as expected. BUT

When I went to create the 2nd portlet using a different flow service and different web service the 2nd WSD contains references to the 1st WSD. The first is called getCTLSummary_WSD and executes flow service getCTLSummary. The second is called getCTLDetail_WSD and executes flow service getCTLDetail. Both flow services execute 2 different adapter services and return 2 different document references. The 2nd WSD in the Request/Body and Response/Body sections contain the same same (getCTLSummary) name as the first WSD created. Even If I create the WSD thru Developer I get the same results.

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?