webService to receive and process attachments

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Is there a way to create a flow service to receive and process soap message having attachment in webMethods?

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Yes, please review 8.2 (or later) Web Services manual - and check for chapter on MTOM

Thanks Shmuel.

I have checked the documentation and i have created a flow service with first step

closing the stream

Then i created a provider wsdl and loaded it in SOAPUI to test. Calling the provider and attaching a file with content “SAOP attachment”.

The attachment is saved to a path on the IS server but the data is as such:

r’|×OvÛÞ÷ãm while i am sending this SAOP attachment.

Am i doing anything wrong.

Can anyone please help?

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I have been able to implement it and tested it using soap ui. The attachments are saved to the file server and are in correct formats.

Hi Lutchumaya,

If possible, please upload the package. It will help tech community members :idea:


Lutchumaya ,

What different than the steps you have implemented below?

closing the stream

Glad to hear the process worked with out having WmMTOM package.


Hi Lutchumaya,

As Rankesh suggested it will be of great help if you can post the package (with some basic details in a .word/.txt) under Code Samples on the SAG Tech Community. :slight_smile:

Yes unless it’s not proprietary and treat as a Utility package. :smiley:

Hi Everyone,

I have createa a doc which explains how i have been able to receive multiple attachments and saving it to the IS server.

Please have a look and let me know your views or if we can enhance it.

webServicewithAttachments.docx (286 KB)

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OK great