webservice result not displaying, not binding to output control fields

I have a portlet view which makes 4 webservice calls to IS, actually 2 webservice calls with 4 different inputs. They work fine.

I generated Managed Bean to invoke 3rd webservice. Clicked Refresh button, no output result displayed. I verified that the webservice call was made and the result object returned expected results. However, the output results property group (actually the output table under the property group) shows “Empty”.
What’s going on?

I found a similar thread, but it only applies to 7.1.2 Devloper Fix5. I am using IS 7.1.3, MWS 7.1.3, Designer 7.2

One possible work around is to set the “Auto Refresh” property to true for the Managed Bean.

But this autoRefresh is not good idea when there are multiple controls that bind to managed beans because I only want to refresh when a specific hideable panel is visible (toggle tab is used to unhide target panel). Help!

With the autoRefresh set to true, I cannot pass input value to the web service. The input comes from another panel within the same view.
If I initialize the value of the input parameter to the web service through faces-config.xml | ManagedBean | | Initialization, it works, but the value, but the input parameter cannot be set dynamically. Any idea?

Either u must have not refreshed the page after webservice call, or Check if the output of the webservice is documnet>value structure. these are 2 case where we possible miss out the output…