WebService namespace issue after the migration from WM8.0.1 to WM82

Hi all,

I am facing a problem on WebService execution at the target namespace property values after migrating from WM8.0.1 to WM82. The environment is IBM AIX 6.1 box.

Afther the migration I am getting the following error message “Binder not found for soapAction = null” if the TargetNamespace is mismatching between the SOAP message TNS value and the provider webservice descriptor TNS value.

Eg: In SOAP Message - xmlns:pfx1=”namespace1”, in descriptor target NameSpace = “namespace_1”.

  1. I’ve done the migration via SoftwareAG installer 2011-10.
  2. I’ve done the data migration along with the upgradation.
  3. Data Migration has finished with out any exception.
  4. The same case is working fine if I create a new webservice in WM8.2 and its working fine in WM8.0.1.
  5. I am getting this service only on migrated webservice.

Please let me know if anybody faced the same issue and found a solutino for this

Thanks in advance

Came through the same issue recently, sharing my experience.

Regular process of creating Provider wsdl may end up causing static namespace having hostname in it, moving from environment to environment. Though using deployer wsdl end-point url changes automatically, namespace doesn’t change in wsdl.

namespace on Dev server:
<xsd:schema targetNamespace=“namespace1” xmlns:tns=“namespace1” xmlns:xsd=“XML Schema”>

namespace on Test server:
<xsd:schema targetNamespace=“namespace2” xmlns:tns=“namespace2” xmlns:xsd=“XML Schema”>

To avoid this we should remove the host name from selection while creating provider wsdl in the interactive dialogue box.
As an standard approach we can add “ns” with wsdl name, eg. <xsd:schema targetNamespace=“nswsdlname” xmlns:tns=“nswsdlname

This way we will not need to worry about changing namespace from server to server.