Webservice Endpoint Alias


While defining Webservice Endpoint Alias property(consumer webservice descriptor), Is it enough to give the port as 443 if I want to connect to the provider WSDL as HTTPS? Any WS Security settings need to be configured for HTTPS?
Note: As per the partner, Issue exists with the .svc connector where simply changing the port to 443 doesn’t work via HTTPS but the same works for .asmx service. Doubt is that it is trying as http:443 :!:


Generally…To configure HTTPS Port on IS you need to do following

  1. Configure HTTPS port on IS Admin->Ports

  2. Configure Certificates related to HTTPS ports

  3. Enable HTTPS Ports from ISAdmin->Ports

  4. Create webService endpoint alias

Did you try above?

Yes you also need the certs from both sides to do HTTPS interfacing and default port is 443.


Thank you. I didn’t add port 443 and tried. I will try and let you know.

make sense and you should try!

I didn’t create port 443 in Ports of IS as that is the default HTTPS port.

Any ideas about WS Security settings?


I tried creating the port in IS, below error is thrown.

Failed to start HTTPSListener@443: [ISS.0070.9009] Error starting to listen: Permission denied


Make sure port is available on your machine

Have configured certificates?

What type of security mechanisum you want to implement?

All existing ports are 4 or more digit ports. This 443 port I tried as suggested only to make this endpoint alias work. I configured the certificates.

About WS Security, I need to know whether this should be configured if a WSDL(provider) needs to be accessed through HTTPS, 443 as HTTP,80 has no issues.


WS-Security is used to ensure that message boby is secured though you have end point alias and using certificates

to know more about WS-Security refer web_service_developers_guide.pdf

Yep that is correct for WS* security configuration!