webservice converting xml string to IS doc type

There’s a web service consumer on wM 6.1 that passes a XML string to the web service provider on wM 7.1 (different companies). When the XML string is received in webMethods 7.1, its is received as a IS Doc type, instead of the XML string it was passed as.

Is this the default behaviour of wM i.e. receiving a XML string and converting it to an IS Doc type, or is there a way to resolve this?

I don’t want to convert the Doc type back to the XML string because then I need to specify a document type, which I dont always know. DocumentToXMLString is not an option right now.

Is there a solution for this that doesn’t require me converting the input back to the XML string but rather receiving it as is. Hope this is clear.

Can anyone please help. Thanks.

This implies that this is a bug or problem of some sort. It is not. This is standard and explicit behavior.

Two options come to mind:

Change the source system to post the content type as text/plain instead of text/xml. That will cause a different content handler to be used and a different input var to your service (I don’t recall the var name). This probably isn’t the right way to go though.

Use pub.xml:queryXMLNode to get the text of the root node. Refer to the docs for details.