Webservice consumer : Connection reset

wM 9.10.

I’m trying to execute a web service (consumer) from a flow service and I have the following error :

org.apache.axis2.AxisFault: Connection reset

If I tried with the same data in soapUI or from a .net Program, I have no problem.
Could you guide me where to looking for ?


Check your fix levels to see if you have latest fixes installed.

Also, debug by setting the below logging categories to TRACE

0038 HTTP Header
0039 HTTP Request
0040 HTTP Response
0088 SOAP

I found the problem :

The web service use the protocole tls 1.2.
I have to put usejsse to yes.


You mean on properties? Glad to hear that issue is resolved.


I have facing the same issue, please where you changed this properties?

Hi Ronaldo,

Info is available here. In fact sometimes it’s good to enable SSL debug log when connection reset issue happens to check if it’s due to SSL handshake failure.