WebService connector using WSSecurity

Hello experts,

We are using IS 4.6. Using webservice connectors we are calling a remote webservice passing username/password as input in SOAP request body.

Now our partner is moving towards ws-security, i.e. passing authentication info inside Soap request HEADER using wsse:Security tag.

I think maybe Fabric is supporting webservice extensions, but how did you implemented this in IS?



I looked into this a while back. From what I could tell, if you only want to add username and password, it’s trivial to manually add that structure to the document or xml. However, if they later want WS-Security digital signature, this is nontrivial because of the xml-canonicalization that must be run before the signature is generated. At that point, you might have to look at a java library outside of IS.


I am created simple flow service in 4.6 and generated wsdl file and saved on local system. Now I tried to create a webservice using webservice connector by giving a saved wsdl. But the server is giving a error message
[BTLINTG.0013.0001] Server connection to ‘server05:5555’ lost: Reason unknown. Try restoring session later to save changes.
I am not understanding what would be the problem where as the same is working in 6.1
Could any one can help me.
Thanks in advance.