webservice call fails

I have a Integration service (lets call it a mainService) which has a webservice call( lets call it as webServicecallInMainService) within the mainService ,this webServicecallInMainService is webservice that geneartes a file. This whole service runs well as expected when run as a scheduled service or as an independet IS service,
I created a provider WSD connector from the mainService and run it thorugh SOAPUI
however when mainService is called as a webservice from soapUI, webServicecallInMainService(which generates file) does not complete/execute and subsequent steps which are dependent on the response of the file generating webservice fails and my whole service fails.

I get following error when this IS service is executed from SOAPUI.
<webM:message xml:lang=“”>Unable to process retrieveToFile</webM:message>

Does anybody know why this happens or am I missing anything. I would appreciate any response.Let me now if more info is needed.


I hope you are testing with latest version of soapUI. If yes, I suggest to pub.string:base64Encode your file bytes.