Webserverless access using Java API

I am trying to run java app using serverless method to communicate with Tamino. The XTS server, Tamino DB server, as well as the java app are all on the same machine. And the XTS server is running, and the XTS configuration in /etc/hosts is also done. According to the document, I also modified the LD_LIBRARY_PATH, and start the java app using option -Djava.protocol.handler.pkgs=com.softwareag.tamino.db.protocols

However, the app failed and create a log file, xts00000.log, which has following content:
16:27:51 Trace: (Module:xtsloader Line:81) LoadDriver Library=libxtstcp2.so failed rc=7
16:27:51 Trace: (Module:pxts Line:2495) Failure Loading Protocol Handler 0

I am sure that that file libxtstcp2.so is in the same dir as libmodwsl.so, what is the problem