Webmwthods 712 and 8.2 Logs > Error log discrepancy on Integration server

Hi All,
I observed one discrepancy in webMethods 712 and 8.2.

In 712 if any error or exception occurs, On IS console Logs > Error has details of those errors. Also Logs > Error gives the details of handled exceptions(Try Catch block).

In webMethods 8.2, IS console Logs > Error gives details for error or exceptions only not the handled exception( Those are in Try Catch block) in code.

Please suggest how we can view handled error details on IS console Logs > Error page

Thanks for your help in Advance


WM 8.2 also shows the handled exceptions in Logs > Error. Also you can see the only the service handled exceptions in logs > Service.

Could you please let us know the audit settings of your flow services?


Thanks Kesavaraman for looking into it.

Audit settings gives the details of errors logs writing location like file or in database and IS functions. So this problem is not related to Audit Settings.

In WM 8.2 Logs > Error log section is combination of error and handled exceptions entries. But sometime it does not gives the details of nested services. To get all the logs details you need to set the following parameter in extended settings and restart the server. You’ll get all the detailed errors on Logs > Error