WebMethodsTibcoor BizTalk

I need to select one from webMethods,Tibco,and BizTalk as our EAI and B2B integration platform.

What about asynchronous web service for webMethods 6.1?And how does webMethods implements WS-security,WS-addressing,WS-routing,etc?I want to know the ability of implementing web service for webMethods 6.1.

As known,Tibco message system is very powerful,but what about B2B integration solution?

And what about BizTalk 2004 ?

Thanks for your help!



No offense, but it sounds like your question would be better answered by a webMethods sales person.



I have worked for companies whose service line included webMethods consulting, TIBCO, and aghast, BizTalk.

From my perspective, the companies who made the various choices seemed to hone in on specifics of the platform. For example, webMethods seems to be the translation tool of choice. Tibco seems to be used when high volume transactions are needed. BizTalk has been chosen by primarily those firms who are Microsoft Centric and have the infrastructure to support it.

There are very specific differences to the design and approach of each platform.

My brother works on TIBCO as an Architect and I webMethods products.

I guess I’ll a little jaded, but I prefer webMethods.



I konw webMethods is good at B2B integration,and Broker as a messaging system(JMS-based) is just fairish.Do you know JMS+ well?

I prefer webMethods too, and we have used BusinessConnector 4.6 two years.And now we have to select one as EAI and B2B integration platform.

Do you have develop web service application using webMethods?What about the capability?



I too am webMethods bias…but have used (ick) BizTalk in the past. Compared to other applications that I have “talked to”, the web service capabilities of webMethods are by far more advanced than others. I could go on and on about the simplicity in creating and exposing web services, or what Fabric and Glue (will) offer, but that is information that can be gather on the web site.

As far as the WS standards you have asked about. I believe that WS security will be supported in early 2005. If you can log on to webMethods Advantage, there are slides from Integration World that would address a timeline. I am sure someone from sales could also get this to you.

Asynchronous web service calls…the asynch response could be returned via any protocol, so I guess I don’t really see anything out of the ordinary here.