webMethodsSSL Server is sending a response even when the SSL Client is Timed Out

Hi All,
We have configured an SSL port in webMethods 6.5 sp3 to receive inbound http requests from an SSL Client.Once i receive the http request from SSL Client webMethods processes that request and sends a http response to SSL Client.We kept the HTTP time out as 120 seconds in the webMethods Http service and the SSL Client has a HTTP time out of 90 seconds .
During the HTTPS connection between SSL Client and webMethods SSL Server, when the SSL Client times out at 90 seconds, webMethods is still sending the response to the SSL Client.Could you please let us know how to resolve this issue?

If the client timeout first, the session won’t be there for the server to send back the response, there won’t be solution if the situation happens.
You may want to look into why it take so long to process a request and avoid timeout happening.

Is the client closing the connection when it times out?

How do you know that IS is still sending the response? If the client gave up listening after 90 seconds, what is the indication that a response is still sent?

What is the specific issue with the response still being sent? Or attempting to be sent?

Also another thought is there a retry set some where?
If it times out is the retry mechanism kicking in and trying to resend?