webMethods, wmDotNet, and Visual Studio.NET ...

We support an application that was written by a third party contractor and built around wm Integration Server (now v6.5 but moving to v7.x). I have previously written a few simple tools that manipulate the exposed IS services using the code spit out by the developer and modified to our needs. Now, I am being asked to write a much more robust app that will keep track of user’s interfaces, provide ability to start/stop/restart IS and Broker Monitor, provide a single place to change database connection passwords, and detect if the lockfile exists upon startup (blow it away if IS is not running and then ask user if they want IS to start). … whew, long winded!

Anyway, I prefer to write this app in C# using VS.NET 2005 and understand that I probably need a package called wmDotNet; contractually the developing contractor is not allowed to give us that package but I would like to know what is the minimum that we need to buy from Software AG that would provide us access to the Advantage Service? Also, I am interested in testing some features of the mywebmethods portal that is now included with IS 6.5 and up … what would we need to purchase to get that to test with?

I ask this, because I am sure that there are many experienced folks here that can provide me with enough insight to make sure that I request the correct product from our purchasing department. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide!