webMethods webservices and Sharepoint


Has anyone implemented webservices for sharepoint? I am looking for information on how to actually use the Sharepoint WSDL to extract data from a specific library.

Possible ways to integrate SP with webMethods

  1. Creating consumer WSD
  2. Exploring (Content Service Platform) WmContentServicePlatform not sure if it requires a separate license
  3. Via pub.client:http service and webservices via NTLM Authentication.
  4. Use of REST API’s

I have created the WSD and now looking for anyone whom as done this type of integration? Looking to extract data from a specific library and create a txt file.

@ All,

FYI - For integration with Sharepoint, you can use webMethods SharePoint Adapter or webMethods CMIS Adapter released as part of wM 9.12 October 2016 release.

That’s cool, having an adapter with sharePoint, if not we should use 3rd party library to make calls/operations.