webMethods Versions 7.1,8.2 and 9.x

Hello Guys,

Can any one tell me what is the main differences between the webMethods versions 7.1,8.2 and 9.x.

Prem Sai A.

There are quite of lot of difference between these versions, namely invention of SAG Designer for all developments, JSON support, WS support, and enhancements, SFTP support, Service/Ehcache, Terracotta cache, UM replacing Broker, OAuth, Governance with Centrasite and Mediator, API management, Command Central and lot more to go on the list.

You can get all these differences from the release notes and readme. I suggest you have a look at them first.

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Hi Prem,

as wM 7.1, 8.2, 9.0 and all versions before and between these are already complete out of support and wM 9.5 SP1 is in Extended Maintenance Phase it is recommend to focus on the current releases from 9.5 SP1 onwards.
Exceptions are certain WmART based Adapters which are still supported even on newer versions of wM as there is not yet a 9.x version of them.

See Adapters System Requirements Guide for details.

Please note that the last version of Broker is 9.6 which is still supported on all versions of wM 9.6 and newer.