webMethods Version 9.x

Hello guys,

Can any one tell me why Software Ag released so many versions in 9.x ? and why developer is deprecated in 9.x?

Prem Sai.

They are becoming Agile :slight_smile: by releasing new features as soon it is ready i.e, release as soon as something is ready (even a single feature) which is a part of Software Development Philosophy (Release early, release often abbreviated RERO)). This makes them be one of the leading competitors in the market and have all the latest technology in their stack.

Also, you must note that “Frequent Releases Do Not Mean Frequent Upgrades”. However, it is up to the consumer who decides if he really needs an SW upgrade with many other factors involved.

AFAIK, the reason for legacy Developer deprecation is that they want to have a single tool for all developments (services, process, ui, rules etc) which SAG Designer does it and to be in line with Java Eclipse tool (as a standard and best practice). Moreover writing java services in Designer is more user-friendly than compared to Developer.

Hi Prem,

starting with wM 9.5 SP1, there is one release every half year (in spring and autumn), which is then supported for 3 years by standard support.

Developer (and TN Console) was deprecated in wM 8.2 (at least partially) and was removed in wM 9.x finally.

In addition to Mahesh´s post Developer was not able to connect to different IntegrationServer versions (beyond its own version) except for Read-only access (if working).

Designer meanwhile is usually able to connect to all wM versions up to and including its own version (but not to newer versions).
Additionally, when using Local Service Development (starting with wM 9.12) Designer is meanwhile able to also support version control for IntegrationServer assets, which was not possible in earlier versions or was very cumbersome to configure when using the VCS feature of IntegrationServer (very few VCS-Systems supported, complicate to configure, …).
Designer can connect to any VCS-System for which a plugin is provided in the Eclipse community.