WebMethods Version 6 Documentation

I last worked on version 4.6 of the Integration Server and Developer. Since then I’m know longer working actively with a live customer and don’t have a customer account and password.

Does anyone know where or how I can get documentation or product manuals without having to Shell out $3000 in training expense?


You can try creating an advantage account yourself, then you’d have access to it all.

Otherwise, the next best legit method is probably to contact webm sales for the docs or an eval version.

Actually, you can go through the forums here for answers to your questions. I am sure almost all but the most arcane questions have been asked and are logged here. I am assuming you are already familiar with the product, No? Oh, then I am that you don’t have it to test right in front of you and want to be familiar with some of the changes between the two (4.6, 6.01 or 6.1).
You might actually be able to call the tech support using your last companies info and ask them to email you and overview pdf or the whole documentation set.

Thanks allot… I was able to create an advantage account and get the docs on the entire platform. As far as trying to use the forum to become familiar with products like Trading Networks, Workflow, etc…
it might be a little hard to piece together any overview or concept about the product without the official documentation.

Thanks again…