WebMethods version 6 and Tivoli

Anybody with experiences in monitoring webMethods with Tivoli (wM version 6.0.1)? Is it possible to use webMethods version 6 with any monitoring tool that do NOT support OMI?


BMC sells a webMethods module for Patrol. Not sure of the cost or if there are any issues monitoring version 6. We are about to evaluate this along with webMethods Manager. I heard that Tivoli is working on an OMI console “as we speak” (according to our local webMethods Sales person)

If anyone has any other comments on monitoring webMethods components/integrations please let us know.




you might also want to look at hp openview spi for webMethods, you probably know that hp co-authored OMI with webMethods.



Blue Elephant Systems offers a plugin that allows Tivoli to connect to wM using OMI.

Curious of there are any updates to this thread since the last time it was acknowledged? Wayne, would like to know about how the integration with BMC Patrol went. Anyone work with the HP Openview adapter?

Also curious about any experience anyone has with the offering from Blue Elephant Systems? I have looked around and it appears to be the only Tivoli adapter.

Can we revive this thread? I am curious about the outcomes from Wayne’s endeaveour and what others have found about Tivoli and WM? I am going thru the same pain and contributions are welcome!