webMethods upgradation from 4.6 to 8


i need to know how i can do to update the webMethods 4.6 to 8.0. Is it possible just using a merge or i need to write all the code again ?!?!?

Thank you !


It depends on what components of the webMethods product suite your existing application uses. Being the existing solution is on 4.6, I assume you are talking about Integration Server components.

Although the core of IS architecture remains same, there are so many enhancements and capabilities added to it with successive versions of webMethods product suit. Some components are completelty replaced with newer set of tools and server components - for example the Mainframe Integration, work flow etc.

I was told by Software AG customer support that they are working on an upgrade guide which will become available some time in the near future.

You may contact Software AG with your scenario.


Mate in my recommendation, go ahead with new code as the old 4.6 singlular jvm fork thread oriented code would just not be optimized for wm8. It will be like using a .303 round in an all new walther ppk which uses 9mm hollow points. :wink: it ll work but just not at all the way you would want it to work.

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